We ensure that every building we develop or manage creates long-term sustainable value for our tenants, investors and the communities in which we operate.


We’re proud of our achievements in sustainability and continue to look for ways to improve no matter how much we've accomplished.


The development of sustainable buildings starts with the ability to envision any given project through a lens of deep experience and creativity.


Our commitment to sustainability begins with our employees and extends to every single aspect of our organisation’s culture.


In order to ensure our sustainable practices are as advanced and innovative as possible, Ausunion promotes a culture of ongoing learning.

Achieving Excellence Through Sustainability

At Ausunion, our goals evolve with the arrival of new challenges and opportunities. We are committed to achieving excellence through sustainable building design, systems and operations, a worthwhile endeavour which requires ongoing collaboration to discover solutions, explore novel ideas and develop technologies that will help shape the future of sustainability.

We enjoy an ongoing cycle of measurement, reevaluation and improvement thanks to our focused and disciplined approach. Our commitment remains unchanged throughout: to create real estate of enduring value for our tenants and investors alike through the integration of sustainable best practices.